Can I Receive An FUE Hair Transplant If I’ve Previously Had FUT Procedure?

Can I Receive An FUE Hair Transplant If I’ve Previously Had FUT Procedure?

Yes you can. The old type of hair transplant, FUT or the “strip” procedure, leaves a large linear scar across the middle of the back of the head. With the FUE procedure, grafts are selected individually, there isn’t any linear scar left behind. With the FUE, you can work around any existing scar, and select grafts to take from other donor areas.

Many patients who do multiple hair transplants will transition from the FUT to the FUE as they go. The FUT becomes more and more painful as each strip is taken because the back of the head gets tighter with each successive procedure. The recovery from the FUE procedure is far easier and less painful. However, any patient who has previously done any number of FUT procedures is still a candidate to do an FUE.


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