Can PRP Treatment Help For Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata is a common condition that is characterized by small, circular areas of hair loss. The patches of loss are most commonly seen on the scalp, but can be seen anywhere on the body that hair is growing. They are distinguished by seeing complete loss of hair in the affected patches, while the surrounding hair is unaffected. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition and can spontaneously appear as well as resolve. 

In general, the treatment of choice for alopecia areata has always been steroid injections. The steroids can suppress the immune response in the area to sometimes allow the hair to regrow in the areas of loss. Steroids tend to work well for most patients, however, not everyone responds to the steroid injections for the treatment of their alopecia areata. Since the introduction of PRP for hair loss, people have been injecting PRP into alopecia areata lesions to see if they help with treatment.

PRP turns out to be an effective treatment for alopecia areata, with one study even claiming PRP can prevent future breakouts of new lesions. While that may not be the case entirely, it is clear that PRP is effective in treating alopecia areata. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or combined with steroid injections to help reduce the size of lesions and allow hair to begin to regrow in the areas of loss. 


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