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Does hair color affect hair loss?

There is a lot of discussion over whether the color of a person’s hair is related to hair loss. As far as we know, there is no real link between the color of a person’s hair and hair loss. However, there is a difference in the number of hairs–blonde and light brown haired people have […]

How Much Should Hair Transplants Cost?

How Much Should Hair Transplants Cost? While the cost of a hair transplant will vary slightly between different companies and different areas of the country, there is generally a range that your overall cost will fall into. Almost every hair transplant company charges per graft, so you pay a set amount for each hair that […]

Do Transplanted Hairs Fall Out?

The hairs we implant are permanent. We individually select hairs that are resistant
to DHT and these hairs keep that characteristic even when they are implanted on
top of the scalp.

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3 Things to Consider When Picking a Hair Transplant Company

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Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

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