Does Pumpkin Seed Oil Help With Hair Loss?

Does Pumpkin Seed Oil Help With Hair Loss?

Pumpkin seed oil’s effect on hair has been tested in rats and it has been shown to increase hair growth. Many people have started to use it as a supplement for their hair, whether as a topical solution applied to the scalp or as a supplement taken orally. It has become more popular as a treatment for hair loss, along with many other natural oils such as coconut oil, peppermint oil, or tea tree oil.

The mechanism of how pumpkin seed oil works is not completely understood, but it is theorized that phytosterols, which are similar to cholesterols and are present in pumpkin seed oil, are responsible for the antiandrogenic effect of pumpkin seed oil. It has been shown in rats that these phytosterols do have an antiandrjgenic effect, which is why pumpkin seed oil is considered an option mostly for androgenic alopecia, or male pattern loss. 

One study found that patients who receive 400 mg of pumpkin seed oil per day for 24 weeks saw a 40% higher mean hair count increase over the placebo group. It appears that pumpkin seed oil is a good option for men looking to treat their androgenic alopecia with a natural oil or supplement.    


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