How Much Should Hair Transplants Cost?

While the cost of a hair transplant will vary slightly between different companies and different areas of the country, there is generally a range that your overall cost will fall into. Almost every hair transplant company charges per graft, so you pay a set amount for each hair that gets implanted. Price per graft varies between $6 and $15. Many companies will have a sliding scale, so if you do a bigger number of grafts, your cost per graft may be on the lower end of that range while the opposite is true of a small number of grafts. It’s normal for people to pay between $8000-$15000 for their hair procedures.

How are Solve Clinics different?

Here at Solve Clinics, we charge $5.50 per graft, no sliding scales. In an industry that will give the same person two different quotes depending on how well they bargain, we strive to be completely transparent with the price and not use any sales tricks. Whether you do a 1000 graft procedure or a 2000 graft procedure, you will pay the same amount per graft.

The beautiful thing about our price is you do not need to sacrifice experience or quality. We have an experienced team, with the entire team having thousands of procedures worth of experience. The whole team has worked together for three years, so you know you will get your procedure done right with a team that works together very well.

You might be wondering how we can afford to be at both the low end of the price per graft and avoid all the sales tricks? Well, we try to cut out as much of the unnecessary costs as possible and provide you with the highest quality procedure at the lowest cost on the market. No sacrifices.

Even at $5.50 a graft, we understand that it is a substantial cost and investment in your future. So we don’t stop at providing the best hair transplant procedure at the best price, we’ll also supply you with everything you will need to care for your hair in the future, free of cost. This alone is something other places will charge hundreds of dollars for. Focused completely on our patients and providing the best experience available, we give you the means to protect the hair you still have on the top of your head, as well as the means to optimize the growth of the new grafts. This includes shampoos, conditioners, sprays, as well as medications that are all aimed at increasing your hair density and more importantly, improving your self-confidence.

In an industry that has increasingly lost its way, we are turning the focus first and foremost back onto the customer. We guarantee that you will be the sole focus of our entire team the day of the surgery, with no one running room to room like at other companies.

We encourage you to price shop around, but we’re confident that when the research is finished, the choice will be easy. If you’re ready to get going, you can schedule a free consultation here.