Patient Testimonials

Testimonials from our patients.
Very friendly and easy to work with. Very professional. I flew out from NYC because I heard lots of good things. I have recommended numerous friends and they as well have had good experiences. Andres N.

Great experience and awesome results. The staff is very experienced and knowledgeable. They answered all of the questions I had. Very satisfied with the outcome. I will definitely come back. Raigardas G.

I got my hair transplant on April 29th and I’m already seeing the regrowth! The doctor and staff are truly the best. They make you feel like your part of the family. Andrew was very helpful in detailing everything from start to finish. The doctor is very professional and the staff are on point. Would highly recommend. John S.

My uncle was looking for help finding a hair transplant company and we tried out The Hair Transplant Experts. He didn’t think he could afford a transplant at first, but they offered him an interest free monthly payment plan that made it very easy to afford. They were great to work with! Justin R.

I am rarely a 5 star reviewer but this team got it right in so many ways. Having a prior procedure elsewhere it was very evident the high level of professionalism they displayed. Excellent post procedure follow up. Highly recommended Brenda G.

My experience with The Hair Transplant Experts was Awesome & I would recommend them to anyone who who is feeling insecure about baldness. The staff was really professional & nice and it was not painful at all. Karl G.

At first I was hesitant to undergo any treatment that wasn’t strongly backed by 100s of years of research, but the doctors at Hair Transplant Experts took the time to explain the procedure to me, time frames, and why I was a good candidate. 2 treatments and 2 months later and there’s a NOTICEABLE difference. I never leave reviews but the bedside manner, trust, and care these guys put into making me feel assured and comfortable (about a sensitive topic) deserves all 5 stars. Thanks, team! Natalie C.

My husband recently went to the Hair transplant experts and was very happy with the results. From the consultation to the work performed, they were very thorough and attentive. Experience with a different doctor years before made these guys shine. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for transplants or prp injections. The entire team from techs to surgeons was grade A. Would be happy to answer questions from any perspective patients. Stephanie L.

The Hair Transplant experts are very professional in their approach. They are always available for any questions and concerns. I really felt comfortable and safe during the procedure. Both the surgeon and staff look like they have good experience. I am completely satisfied with the results. The pricing is also reasonable. I would definitely recommend Hair Transplant Experts any day. Sandeep J.

This was a gift from my wife, i didn’t know what to expect in the begining i was a bit scared, the guys at the hair transplant explained in detail what would be going on, they made the procedure quite comfortable, it does take much of the day so try not making any plans after because you will need to rest. I am happy with my results i still have to take care of it for the remaining of the year to see full results. Thank you Eduardo G.

Absolutely amazing! Very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks again for my look and giving my confidence back! Alan R.

Very knowledgeable staff and very pleased with the results! I shopped around and visited them all and I’m very glad that I went with these guys! Chris

Known Andrew and the group for a while. You could not pick a better group of people to help you with your hair loss problems! Shelby L.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff that strives for a perfect end-result. Highly recommended! Andrew L.

Can’t say enough about my experience. I like that they don’t have sales people so you don’t feel pressured to do the surgery. Also the surgery went great. The doctor, surgeon, and entire medical team was active during my surgery. Cost was the lowest i received after receiving quotes from restore, bosley, and a couple others. The surgery went great and while it has only been 6 months I’m already seeing awesome results! I’ve been told i wont see full results until month 12. Will post pics in the near future. Robert N.

The HTE are very easy to work with. I had my procedure done two months ago. I already is somewhat of an improvement. I realize that it takes up to 8 months to a 1year for max results. So far, so good. I have an established hair line as a 45 year old African American male. I keep my hair cut low now. I have started growing hair into the grafted areas. The day of the procedure easy. The guys are very responsive to question and concerns both during and afterwards. I recommend having full conversations regarding what you want your results to be so you can go into this with reasonable expectations. Galen C.

The HTE team was very helpful; I was impressed by their professionalism and knowledge. They went out of their way to help customize a PRP solution to treat some unexpected shock loss. Cam R.

No better ones to go to then the good people at “The Hair Transplant Experts”! They are responsive, servant oriented, and experts in their space! Mark M.

I was really apprehensive about going the transplant route, although seemingly the most effective way to see the best results I’m told. I’m not big into needles either which was another hurdle I had to get passed. This team is very good about making you feel comfortable with every step of the process. Andrew ran quarterback in my case and I can’t enough good things about his approach. Andrew was responsive to any outrageous question prior to ‘signing on’ for the procedure, was there the day of and was proactive for months after to be sure that any concerns were addressed. The procedure itself is exactly what you would think but painless for the most part. I’m 3.5 months in now and waiting for the 5mo mark where the results start showing. No regrets here whatsoever. I’ll update my review in a few months once I see the hair begin to thicken. Jay M.

The Hair Transplant Experts are the real deal!
When I first went for a consultation, I right away knew I was in good hands and made the wise decision to choose them.
Even though the day of the procedure I was a bit apprehensive, since I can’t sit still very long, the whole experience was amazing! The process went by smoothly and quickly. John, the physician, and his two assistants were not only extremely professional but also kind and accomodating. They were very knowledgable, attentive and even fun!
Thanks to this great team and their meticulous work, I can honestly say I got my confidence (and hair) back! And did I mention I got free lunch and watch movies? david i.

I had the FUE procedure in December to remedy my thinning hairline. The crown of my head looked fine so they only added hair to the front/top half of my head. Overall, the process was simple, easy, and I felt comfortable in the office and around the staff. The recovery was minimal and there is no visual evidence (scarring or anything) that I had anything done three weeks ago; really happy about that. I’m excited to see the final results in a few months! I’d recommend getting a consultation with these guys. Paul R.

When selecting a hair transplant company there were a lot of options available. But I can’t recommend these guys enough. While my final results are still pending the experience was amazing. They were patient, surgeon John and his team are truly talented in not only hair transplants but making a nervous patient feel comfortable. Even after the procedure they have continued to stay in touch with me on an almost weekly basis to make sure i’m doing great and to check in. Grovaire L.

Amazing results and even better Customer Service. 5 stars! Justin C.

Great guys! Really know their stuff, highly recommended! Alex L.

Great hair job Patrick R.

Best Customer Service EVER! !! Alex W.

By far the most talented team. Very caring and savvy about the latest technology for treating hair loss. My boyfriend also got PRP injections and his hair is starting to look better than mine Courtney P.

Highly recommend guys. Best decision I’ve ever made. Really gave me new life with my new hair. If I could lose my hair again i would because I want to work with them again. They are really that great!!! Harlan A.

By far the most amazing people, I agree with all the 5 star reviews below my review, at first I was not dealt with a Sales guy who for sure will push me to sign a contract like other businesses do, instead I was able to consult with the Doctor and FUE surgeon who provided me a transparency and clarity about my FUE procedures with realtively fair pricing.
I had my FUE procedure and PRP done on 07/22, Dr. Stephen and Surgeon John with his team were very helpful and proffessional and made me comfortable throughout my surgery. The surgeon is very qualified and expereinced and with his expertise I was able to preserve grafts from my donor area and he made sure that the grafts are covered at the receipient area, in other words I sensed that these guys are not for Margins or Profits. My recipeint area was completed in less fewer grafts than what was promised by other hair transplant businesses.
I was given helpful info about the procedure at the start and while having the procedure done. I was offered a lunch, was set up with a movie to help pass my time and was offered complimentary hair health related products and prescriptions at the end of the procedure.
I was made assured by them to contact any point of time after the surgery for consultation for any problems occurs, but I am positive that the results will be far better than what I am expecting.
strongly recommended for all your hair related problems. rayees s.

My hair started thinning in my late twenties. Over the years my hair style had become part of my identity and losing it is not an option. I had been doing research online and hitting dead end after dead end. Through a friend of a friend I was told about the Hair Transplant Experts

At first I was most impressed with the hours of operation. They squeezed me in at the last minute on a Sunday morning for an initial consultation while I was in Chicago for business, which blew my mind and saved me from making another trip.

The doctors were friendly and professional. They were very open and up front about the technology available, the cost of the procedures, the effectiveness, and their long term projection of my treatment plan. After all the conflicting and murky information online, this was a huge breath of fresh air.

My treatment began that day with a PRP injection. It was quick and very tolerable. I may do anesthesia for my next injection but the benefit of foregoing it let me bounce back immediately and go about my day.

I am very excited to see what the next several months bring! Thank you Hair Transplant Experts!! Joseph A.

Couldn’t be happier with my experience and my results. I am recommending everyone I know to the hair transplant experts. Cost is low and they gave me the look and results I wanted. Tyler S.

Absolutely delighted with my full head of hair! Couldn’t have asked for a more attentive practitioner. Thanks The Hair Transplant Experts! Aaron J.

I have a friend who had his receding hairline adjusted by one of the big names in the business of hair transplants nearly a year ago. He showed me the results he got with PRP injections and recommended I research a procedure for myself. I quickly found there were quite a few companies offering this procedure and needed to do some deeper diving.

I set up consultations with three separate companies to get a first hand feel of their businesses. There was a clear distinction between the companies. I felt as if The Hair Transplant Experts weren’t trying to pressure me into working with them or even getting the procedure. They didn’t try to oversell me on the amount of transplants needed(one company quoted me nearly double the amount of transplants I ended up receiving!). The Hair Transplant Experts were patient with answering all my questions and were helpful throughout the entire process. In fact, I was in direct contact with the main doctor and lead surgeon. Bottom line, I wasn’t treated as just another balding person on their table.

The morning of the procedure I was introduced to the tech-supports and was pleasantly surprised by their level of professionalism and experience. The team as a whole was very attentive and ensured my every request was met. I was even set up with a movie to help pass the time!

Surgery was roughly a month and a half ago- my friend from the beginning of the review told me that my results are coming in stronger and faster than his did!

If you are considering a hair transplant or any advise on your thinning, receding or balding head of hair- The Hair Transplants should be your FIRST stop. Ross C.

The Hair Transplant Experts are very professional and provide tremendous results. The befores and afters are like night and day! Michael S.

After talking to a few different clinics, These guys were not just more affordable, they actually care about doing what is best for you. I didn’t feel pressured by them to have any work done. The whole staff is super nice and truly care about their patients. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have work done. I Can’t wait to see my final results 🙂 Damon L.

The Hair Transplant Experts are the real deal. With so many options available it’s refreshing to see a company that brings so much transparency through the entire process. In addition to their friendly and responsive team, their prices were competitive (I wasn’t able to find a better deal, even after all the supposed “discounts” at Bosley and the other main FUE providers). I loved how quick and easy the consultation was, no games, and their surgeon even suggested fewer grafts to preserve the donor areas (aka less profits for them). It’s nice not to feel taken advantage of and know I am getting top tier results. Thanks for everything! scott c.

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