The Most Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The Most Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women can be the result of many different processes and tends to be slightly more complicated than male pattern hair loss. Female pattern hair loss tends to follow a pattern of diffuse thinning, which is a very different presentation than male pattern hair loss. Many women notice thinning through their parts as the first sign of hair loss. But there are many different things that can cause this presentation.

Androgenic Alopecia

Similar to male pattern baldness, female hair loss can be due to a combination of genetics and hormonal effect. Some women produce more androgens than others and androgens (in both men and women) cause the hair to shorten its growth phase, elongate the shedding phase, and grow in thinner and thinner as time goes by. This results in the classic female pattern loss presentation of diffuse thinning hair. Treatments like PRP or minoxidil can help with this type of hair loss.

Auto Immune Hair Loss Conditions

Auto immune conditions are more common in women than men and there are many auto immune processes that can affect hair. There are many types of alopecia such as scarring alopecias and inflammatory alopecias that have some underlying auto immune process contributing. These types of hair loss can usually be treated if the underlying autoimmune condition can be controlled.

Iron and Thyroid Issues

Both iron levels and thyroid issues can affect hair quality and both are very common in women. If women start noticing thinning hair, getting iron and thyroid levels in the blood checked is important as this could be the culprit. If one of these is the issue, iron supplements or thyroid medications could restore hair density alone. Adding PRP or oral supplements can also help increase the density of the hair.

Female pattern hair loss can be due a variety of factors and should be evaluated before treatment is started. Since there are so many different variables, treatments can vary widely. Speaking to a hair restoration specialist can give direction in terms of treatment.

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