Vampire Facials

Maintaining youthful and radiant skin is an ongoing battle that worsens with age. Micro-needling PRP Facials (aka Vampire Facials) is a new all natural procedure that uses the power of your body’s platelets to help rejuvenate your skin. Solve Clinics uses micro-needling, which creates tiny openings in your skin followed by the application of platelet rich plasma (PRP). The platelets in the PRP release their growth factors, which helps the skin to grow back looking younger and healthier. Micro-needling Vampire facials can help with an array of conditions including aged skin, spotting, wrinkles, acne scars, and other skin imperfections. Vampire Facials rejuvenate the complexion by stimulating the production of beneficial collagen proteins.


All Natural
Pain Free
More Youthful Skin
More Confidence

4 Steps


Apply numbing cream (to face)


Draw Blood & Create PRP Solution


Microneedling w/ Application of PRP


Live Confidently

Why Choose Solve Clinics for a Hair Transplant

Top quality care at an affordable price. You are not a patient number. You are a unique individual with specific needs. Our physicians use an assessment to determine your exact needs. Then we develop a personalized plan customized for your personal condition. No other provider in the industry matches our approach, and they aren’t as affordable, either. We offer personalized treatment at an unmatched price. That’s why you should choose Solve Clinics.

“I tried out a Vampire Facial and would definitely do it again. Got my confidence back thanks to Solve Clinics.”

Justin, Vampire Facial patient

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