Finasteride is the only FDA approved drug to treat hair loss directly, but there is another option that many people have not heard of, dutasteride. Dutasteride is a similar drug to finasteride in the sense they both block the conversion of testosterone to DHT (the chemical that causes hair loss), so they protect the hair from the thinning. However, when compared head to head, dutasteride has been shown to block the conversion of over 98% of DHT at an identical dose as finasteride, while the finasteride only blocks about 70% of the DHT. This shows that dutasteride actually has a better effect in terms of protecting your hair.

Dutasteride also appears to promote more hair growth than finasteride does. A study was done looking at hair counts, and the dutasteride group had a significantly higher hair count than the finasteride group did. Overall, dutasteride appears to have a more significant effect than finasteride does, although they have both been shown to have a very good ability to both protect your hair while also promoting hair growth.


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