Can Exercise Lead To Or Prevent Hair Loss?

Can Exercise Lead To Or Prevent Hair Loss?

Many people worry that working out too much can lead to hair loss. Others believe exactly the opposite – working out and staying in shape can protect the hair from falling out. The truth is that there is no clear link between exercise and hair loss. Eating healthy and staying active are important for your body to stay healthy and happy, and that in turn is important for hair health, but there is no known link between exercise.

What we do know is that exercise can briefly increase testosterone levels in the blood, but recent studies show the effect on hair appears to be very minimal. While there are no known links to hair loss and exercise, there appears to be more effect from common supplements like creatine or protein shakes. Both creatine and many protein supplements increase testosterone over a longer period and appear to have more of an effect on hair loss and thinning.


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