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Beard Transplant Chicago IL: Low Cost Facial Hair Implants

Tired of patchy beards and thin facial hair?

Many of us dream of a fuller beard, but let’s face it – traditional facial hair implants can be incredibly expensive.

That’s where Solve Clinics comes in. We understand your needs, and we’ve come up with an innovative solution to make a beard transplant in Chicago more accessible and affordable.

Curiosity piqued? Stay with us to uncover the details.

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Beard transplant chicago IL

Are you thinking about getting a beard transplant in Chicago? Wondering about the beard transplant before and after transformations? 

Beard transplants are an increasingly popular way to increase the density of a beard. They are done very similarly to hair transplants, with the hair extracted out of the back of the head and transplanted into the beard. If you’ve got certain spots on your beard that could use some extra thickness, a beard transplant could be a quick and comfortable solution for you as a hair transplant candidate to attain a more impressive beard.

Beard transplant cost Chicago

At Solve Clinics, we offer competitive pricing to help you achieve the beard you desire. Our beard transplant cost varies based on your specific needs:

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Beard Transplant


$3000 for Touch-Up
$5000 for Goatee
$7500 for Full Beard

All expenses included

We’re committed to providing quality results tailored to your preferences, and our transparent pricing, including the FUE hair transplant cost in Chicago, ensures you know exactly what to expect.

Outside Illinois? Our Chicago beard transplant clinic can still help!

Even if you’re not local to Illinois, our Chicago-based beard transplant clinic is here to assist you. We’ve designed a comprehensive program to ensure you receive the care you deserve, no matter where you’re located: 

Free Virtual Consultation

Even if you’re outside Illinois, you can take advantage of our guaranteed accurate and 100% free virtual consultation. Our experienced team will assess your needs and discuss the best approach to achieving your dream beard.

Travel Reimbursement

Worried about the distance? Don’t be! Our travel reimbursement program covers the cost of your journey: 

  1. $5 per graft, including round trip airfare & hotel stay: Yes, you read that right! Our pricing is still $5 per graft, and it includes not only your surgery but also your round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations. 
  2. 1-day surgery: Experience the transformation in the top-rated clinic in the country. 
  3. Additional night in hotel: After the procedure, rest and recover with an extra night in the hotel. 
  4. Fly back home: When you’re all rested and ready, we’ll ensure your safe journey home.  

What to Expect when you visit our facial hair transplant Chicago clinic

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Extract Hair

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Make Sites for Implanted Hairs


Inject PRP in area of thinning


Live Confidently

When you step into our Chicago clinic, here’s what you can expect during your beard transplant process:

  1. Extract hair: Our skilled team will begin by carefully extracting hair from the donor area, typically located at the back of your head. These hair follicles will be the building blocks for your new beard.
  2. Make sites for implanted hairs: Next, we’ll create precise sites in the beard area where the extracted hairs will be implanted.
  3. Inject PRP in area of thinning: To enhance the success of your beard transplant, we utilize an affordable PRP treatment, which you can explore with these PRP before and after results. PRP is injected into areas with thinning hair, promoting hair growth and overall beard density.
  4. Live confidently: Once the procedure is complete, you’re on your way to achieving the beard you’ve always wanted!

Why Choose Solve Clinics for a Beard Transplant

Top quality care at an affordable price. You are not a patient number. You are a unique individual with specific needs. Our physicians use an assessment to determine your exact needs. Then we develop a personalized plan customized for your personal condition. No other provider in the industry matches our approach, and they aren’t as affordable, either.We offer personalized treatment at an unmatched price. That’s why you should choose Solve Clinics.

Results our Chicago facial hair transplant clinic has produced

Solve Clinics Before and After Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant
Beard Transplant

“I went to Solve Clinics for a beard transplant last year. 1200 grafts, 2 PRPs, and 12 months later and my transformation has been unbelievable (see picture). This is the place you go if you want to work with a team with the technical know-how, the skills, and willingness to go the extra mile for you.

For years, I had a terribly patchy beard. It was passable when kept low, but unbearable when it grew out. I checked all the top shops around Chicago (Bosley, Yates, Solve, etc.). But I truly felt, most places didn’t care about me. All the top shops are going to have beautiful offices, have a ton of before/after pictures, and talk-the-talk. But the problem is when they see you as a sale they won’t care and give 110%.. not because they can’t, because they don’t care too. I asked the Yates’ team if they could TRY to avoid my grey head hairs when transplanting grafts into my beard. They looked at me like I was ridiculous and said no way was that possible. Solve Clinics got that done for me.

My Solve Clinics experience was completely different. When I came in for my consultation, I got to meet the founder and my surgeon. They spent FAR MORE TIME talking with me than other places. And the passion & empathy they had was truly unlike anything I had experienced. That’s when I knew this was a place that could do the job and was driven to do it better than anyone else. I scheduled my transplant and never looked back.”

Free consultation with the best beard transplant doctors in Chicago

Ready to take the first step towards achieving your dream beard? We’re here to help you get started. Provide us with your information to schedule your free consultation with our top-rated beard transplant doctors.

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