Can Shampoos Help Stop Hair Loss?

There is no shampoo that can completely stop hair loss. However, there are options that can prevent certain problems that can cause hair thinning. Below are a few general classes of shampoos that can attack hair loss from slightly different angles. Many hair loss shampoos have some combination of these ingredients.

Prescription Shampoos: These shampoos require a prescription from a doctor and tend to be DHT blockers. This is the same mechanism that Propecia uses to help protect and thicken hair. These shampoos protect the DHT receptors on the hair follicles, which is the main culprit in androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

Biotin Based Shampoos: Biotin is a B Vitamin that has been proven to help hair and nail health. While these shampoos do not block the mechanism of hair thinning, they do improve hair health and many people report having thicker and healthier hair after use.

Caffeine/Niacin Based Shampoos: These shampoos act by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. This allows the body to grow thicker and healthier hair but again does not block the mechanism of the thinning hair. Many people again report seeing thicker hair with use of these shampoos.

Saw Palmetto Based Shampoos: Saw Palmetto is an herbal extract that has been reported to help regulate levels of testosterone in the body. While studies have not yet proven that to be true, many shampoos still use Saw Palmetto as an additive.


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