FUE Hair Transplant
1400 Grafts

The glow up

DeMarcus came to us wanting to kickstart a change in his look.  We did the hair and he did the rest. 

Here’s a video from DeMarcus’s Tiktok where he talks about his experience with his transplant with Solve.

DeMarcus’s treatment plan

We did 1400 grafts on Demarcus to the hairline. We were able to pack the grafts tightly for density in the hairline and blended with the existing hair behind it. He was has completed 3 PRP Treatments post-surgery. He is also taking 2.5 mg oral finasteride daily and has been since his procedure

We see several patients a month for African American Hair Transplants and are a leader in the space in these surgeries.

The result

12 Months later we brought DeMarcus in for another look and take a look at his final results!

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