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Solve Financing
(Hair Transplants)

Solve Clinics is the ONLY medical clinic in the country that offers pre-approved interest free financing to all patients.

Other clinics will send their patients to third party lenders that will run your credit and charge you interest rates as high as 15%-25%. At Solve we view this as a major problem in the medical world that creates an environment for care that is focused on the ultra wealthy and hurts/discourages everyone else from receiving equal opportunity to treatment.

How do we offer 0% financing on procedures?

Actually quite simple. We created an internal Solve financing team that handles everything.
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Who Qualifies?

100% of all patients qualify for interest free 0% financing on hair transplant surgeries.
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50% Down on the day of the surgery
0% interest for 12 months
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Cost of surgery: $6,000
Amount Paid on Day of Surgery: $3,000
Monthly Cost (12 months): $250
Cost of Interest: $0
Total Final Cost: $6,000
Solve Clinics is driven to change the medical and cosmetic industry but fixing the broken status quo way of treating patients. This INCLUDES access to fair financing that doesn’t hurt our patients in the long run. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you both cosmetically and financially.

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