Does Topical Finasteride Have Side Effects?

For many years, oral finasteride has been the only option to maintain and preserve native hair. Finasteride has been proven to be the gold standard for preserving and thickening native hair in men. However, the side effect profile is unpleasant as the most common side effects are sexual, including erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Many men are faced with the decision of accepting sexual side effects or stopping the finasteride completely.

However, there is a newer option for men who want the benefit of finasteride but are having side effects. Finasteride, applied topically, has proven to have a similar efficacy as oral finasteride, but a vastly decreased side effect profile since so much less of the drug is absorbed systemically. The studies show significantly decreased hair loss when used daily. This topical finasteride is typically mixed with minoxidil and the finasteride/minoxidil mix is a great combo for combatting hair loss by attacking it from 2 different angles.

Topical finasteride still isn’t covered by insurance so it tends to be slightly more expensive than oral finasteride, but for men who see side effects from oral finasteride, it is worth the extra cost. Many patients start on it who are worried about the side effects of oral finasteride as well. It is easily applied as a gel or oil and once massaged into the scalp, gets absorbed quickly. For men looking to attack hair loss aggressively, topical finasteride is a great new option.

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