Are Hair Transplants Natural Looking?

Many people worry about hair transplants being natural looking. In fact, it is the #1 factor that prevents people from moving forward and having a transplant done. There are horror stories about transplants resulting in hair that has the appearance of “doll hair”. This term refers to a type of transplant procedure done in the past. Large chunks of hair were taken and implanted in the recipient area. As these patients lost more of their native hair in the following 10-20 years, these large chunks of implanted hair remained, leaving a very unnatural appearance.

The technology has changed today, so that we do not implant chunks of hair. The grafts are implanted as individual hairs or hair groupings and packed as tightly together as possible. This provides a much more natural looking result, even if you continue to lose your native hair. We place the grafts in a natural looking pattern, so the fact that a transplant was done is almost undetectable. Using the FUE procedure, we leave no scar in the donor area, which allows people to wear their hair short without having to worry about an unsightly scar.  


In an industry that has increasingly lost its way, we are turning the focus first and foremost back to the customer. We guarantee that you will be the sole focus of our entire team the day of the surgery, with no one running room to room like at other companies.

We encourage you to price shop around, but we’re confident that when the research is finished, the choice will be easy. If you’re ready to get going, you can schedule a free consultation here.

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