What is the recovery like after a FUE hair transplant?

Recovery time and milestones vary between patients, but there are a few things that each patient can expect. Right after the procedure, the patient will have tiny holes in their donor area from the extraction of the grafts. These will close up within a couple days and begin to look like nothing was done around a week out, as the hair begins to grow back out. Occasionally there is minor inflammation in the donor area that can last up to one or two weeks post procedure.

The recipient area will start to scab over almost immediately. Patient should wash their hair for the first week by pouring water over their head instead of scrubbing in the area. On day 7 post procedure, the patient can wash their hair normally. Eventually, all the hairs from the grafts will fall out, and this is when the patient will go through a period of time when it looks like nothing was done, don’t worry! Starting around months 3-5, you will start to see the hair grow in.


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