Laser Hair Removal

$250 / treatment

Sciton Forever Bare is light based laser hair removal that ensures and even and complete treatment each time. The interface allows the device to choose the appropriate skin type and follicle size for optimal results while also using a cooling crystal to ensure patient comfort during treatment. Contact Solve Clinics today for your free consultation for the best experience at the highest rated clinic in the Chicagoland area!


Treats different areas
Usually takes 6-8 treatments
Treats hair with skin types 1-5

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4 Steps




Steps ()


Clean Pre-Shaved Area and Apply Ultrasound Gel to Area

Steps ()


Tech Glides Handpiece over the Area

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Wipe Down and Clean Area after Treatment

Why Choose Solve Clinics for a Laser Hair Removal

Top quality care at an affordable price. You are not a patient number. You are a unique individual with specific needs. Our physicians use an assessment to determine your exact needs. Then we develop a personalized plan customized for your personal condition. No other provider in the industry matches our approach, and they aren’t as affordable, either. We offer personalized treatment at an unmatched price. That’s why you should choose Solve Clinics.

Proven results.

What does a Laser Hair Removal cost at Solve Clinics?

Forever Bare BBL (Hair Removal Skin Type I-V) – Small Area$200.00
Forever Bare BBL (Hair Removal Skin Type I-V) – Medium Area (Chest)$300.00
Forever Bare BBL (Hair Removal Skin Type I-V) – Large Area (Back)$450.00
Forever Bare BBL (Hair Removal Skin Type I-V) – X-Large Area (Full Body)$950.00

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