Is The P Shot the Future of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

While providers have had very few options to treat erectile dysfunction in the past, new treatments have come out in the last few years to help treat different stages of erectile dysfunction. One of those treatments is Platelet Rich Plasma injections, also know as a “P shot”.

The P shot is an exciting new treatment that can help people in different stages of erectile dysfunction. It is a simple procedure with little to no pain during or after the procedure. The effects tend to last up to a year, so the procedure only needs to be done about once a year.

P-shots use the power of your blood’s platelets to help rejuvenate the tissue and increase blood flow. Because of the large concentration of platelets from your own blood it provides a wide array of growth factors. These growth factors are responsible for creating new blood flow connections and rejuvenating the tissue.

How do P Shot Injections Work?

The first step of the procedure is a blood draw, then we take the blood at use a centrifuged to separate and concentrate the platelets. After the PRP is prepared, there are 5 injections- 4 in the shaft and one in the head of the penis. Numbing cream is applied before the injections are done so that there is not any discomfort.

What Happens After The P Shot?

We recommend that you use a penis pump afterwards. This forces blood into the area and can help activate the platelets, allowing for a larger growth factor release. This can also be achieved with getting an erection.


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