Solve Clinics featured in Modern Luxury

Solve Clinics was recently featured in Modern Luxury magazine.

Hair transplants are the talk of the town these days not only because it’s a popular procedure, but the results are now more effective than ever. With new technological advancements, breakthrough research and personalized solutions, it’s still important however to visit a clinic that is known to deliver exceptional results time again.

Chicagoans searching for healthy hair transformations are turning to Solve Clinics & Hair Transplant North Shore who is on the forefront of implementing a variety of innovative, yet affordable treatments. Alongside their rapid rise in industry recognition, the clinic has received nationwide coverage from notable publications such as Forbes, Yahoo! and InStyle. No matter the stage of one’s hair loss, Solve Clinics is results-driven and here to ensure every patient can live more confidently.


To reduce visible changes to the hair, patients can receive either one of restorative treatments at Solve Clinics: the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) transplant or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections. After an initial complimentary consultation, the medical staff at Solve Clinics customizes a treatment approach that best suits a patient’s hair needs. Those aiming to conceal bald spots are recommended to opt for FUE, a method of selecting healthy hair follicles to be precisely implanted in area(s) of need that produces permanent results. Solve Clinic is one of the nation’s highest rated and most affordable FUE transplant service providers. On the other hand, PRP is an optimal solution for patients who don’t require a full hair transplant. Founder of Solve Clinics, Andrew Kashian, highlights PRP injections as one of his favorite treatments. “It’s a powerful [solution] to stop hair loss and is all-natural due to using rich plasma from [a patient’s] blood,” he says.


Kashian opened the hair transplantation clinic in 2017 with his fellow North Shore colleague Mark Johnson to provide the latest hair solutions at a fair price. After much discussion with mutual friends who suffered from hair loss, the two founders recognized patients were rarely satisfied with their clinical treatments. “I figured there was a unique opportunity to challenge the incumbent medical spas and hair transplant companies [that] were not keeping up with [breakthrough] technology or patient care standards,” Kashian says.


Today, Solve Clinics continues to expand their current office as well as soon-to-open locations downtown. Their Westfield Old Orchard location on the North Shore recently underwent a renovation including a new, best-in-class breakroom for their medical staff. Kashian explains why an updated staff area was an essential component of the renovation, “When our employees are their best selves, it translates to even better patient care.” Up next, Solve Clinics eagerly sets its sights on additional locations in downtown Chicago.

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