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In the spring of 2017, two friends from the North Shore of Chicago (Winnetka & Wilmette) saw an opportunity to shake up the ubiquitous cosmetic med spas and hair transplant industries.

After years of successful careers in a variety of industries, Mark Johnsen and Andrew Kashian had the idea to come together and challenge the incumbent med spas and hair transplant companies who were not keeping up with the technology or patient care standards. An industry that they had felt habitually deprioritized patient focus. While dentals offices and other clinics evolved – focusing on the patient and in-clinic experience, hair transplants clinics continued to be treated like hospital waiting rooms. It was clear to both of them that companies and customers had become complacent with sub-optimal experiences and subpar results. Additionally, they had observed that men were doubly handicaped because they had been conditioned to not talk about their hair loss – leading to both continued hair loss and negative pressure on their confidence. Andrew and Mark knew they could do it better, so they started Solve Clinics.


From Day 1, Solve Clinics became committed to hyper-personalized and individualized treatment plans, top-tier industry talent, and the most transparent and fairly priced procedures in the industry. Their mission became simply to provide the best results in the industry – this included updating the pre-and post op experience to include PRP treatments, and formulated prescription medication to protect and maintain the new hair after the hair transplant. Solve also wanted to make hair transplants and other treatments destigmatized and fun. Andrew Kashian said “We felt the industry needed to jolt of fresh energy, our branding is fun, playful, bright. Hair loss is normal, and we wanted our brand to reflect that.”


Solve Clinics quickly became known not only for their results, but also for their industry leading workplace. Solve Clinics hires and retains the best talent by paying their staff well above the industry norms, with perks traditionally found in tech companies like free lunches and beautifully designed breakrooms. This holistic focus on both the clinic, employees, and patients has led to features both locally on Chicago’s WGN9 and nationally, in Forbes, Yahoo!, InStyle.


No matter what stage of hair loss, from the very first signs, to years of loss, Solve partners with each patient to tailor treatment plans to help them live confidently. As the highest rated cosmetic surgery and hair transplant company in Chicago, Solve encourages everyone to shop around. They are confident that when the research is finished, the choice will be easy. If you’re ready to get going today, you can schedule a free consultation here.