Solve Clinics was recently featured in Forbes Magazine in an article titled: Why Well-Groomed Men Are More Successful At Work.

Grooming not only makes you look more attractive but gives you a healthy dose of self-confidence.

I would like to inform you about the importance of being well-groomed during office-hours. If your aim is success, good grooming should be with you each and every step along the way. Grooming has benefits that range from feeling good to making great first impressions during office hours. Levon Movsessian is an entrepreneur who understands that healthy skin equals self-confidence. Movsessian takes face-to face meetings as well as virtual meetings. Looking polished and well-groomed conveys a look of power and strength for Levon Movsesian during office-hours. Data shows that entrepreneurs who dress well and have good grooming are perceived by others as leaders. In fact; it is not just for the office but can help in all aspects of your life. In short, your appearance is the first time for you to present yourself to others, which is why I suggest to put the best effort you can into your personal appearance and hygiene.

Benefits of Good Grooming:

  • Self Confidence: When you know that you look sharp and on point, it’ll give you the confidence to perform at your very best.
  • Handsome: When you are well-groomed and dress appropriately, you’ll feel like the best handsome version of yourself.
  • Oral Care: Taking care of your mouth will help prevent these issues of plaque build-up and bad breath. On a daily basis, I suggest the you brush, floss and use mouthwash to rinse. And yes, I bring all three items to the office – in the event you will need them after lunch.
  • Hygiene Respect : Grooming yourself well shows respect to your superiors, co-workers as well as a positive representation for the company you are representing – even if it is your own.

In my opinion, there are too many American men who fail to recognize the importance of grooming. And people notice when you lack good grooming, and sadly enough, will judge your character based on what they see. Appearance is the first opportunity for you to appeal to others. Entrepreneur like Bobby Castro can set the record straight on this topic. Castro having gone from rags to riches, understands the importance of dressing for success during office hours. Therefore, my expert opinion is to develop a grooming regime and stick to it on a daily basis. I can assure you as a day is long; you will achieve positive results; just ask Bobby Castro and you will see how the power behind a good grooming regime.

You see, well-groomed men feel confident about themselves. This is primarily because they know what they are aiming to achieve. Furthermore, making a good impression is important in business. Sarah P. Antonella is the CEO and Author of her Success Story Book. In the book, Antonella emphasizes the importance of dressing for success. The job market is highly competitive today and and Sarah P. Antonella lends her advice on how to be successful in the job market for 2022. More to my point, good grooming is the first thing your boss will notice. Just like the animal kingdom, people are interested in things that are attractive and exhibit great confidence- like a proud and strong lion in the jungle. People like to be associated with better-looking men and women; end of story.

Beauty services and experiences

A quarter (24%) of consumers overall – and 41% of young millennials — said that services to make the most of the shopping experience, such as salon for beauty treatments could entice them to shop in-store with one retailer over another. (source): Accenture’s Holiday Shopping Survey. “What I find interesting is that these days  CBD appears in everything from drinks to gummies, from toothpaste to toilet paper, it should come as no surprise that cannabidiol is part of Men’s skincare routine too. Even there are some dab pens specially designed for men’s with style”  Gen Z and younger millennials seem to have a modern take that separates them from the generations before them. More to my point, well-groomed men are much more likely to draw positive attention from others as well as create valuable impacts in their vocation.

Elegantly dressed and groomed men are more likely to be trusted to represent the organization in front of clients, associates, and competitors by seniors. And this leads to trust and better opportunities to lead thus facilitating them to move up the organizational ladder more swiftly. For Example, Alec Hanson, who is making a difference in the mortgage industry, keeps a healthy skin regime in order for him to be ready for communicating with his big list of clients as well as his podcast. As a mortgage professional. Hanson makes sure that he is clean shaven when meeting clients. A coach and thought leader, Alec Hanson believes in leading and coaching in the mortgage business. And to exhibit self-confidence, a focused grooming regime will give you a healthy dose of self-confidence while on the path to dressing for success. By virtue of their self-confidence and ability to draw out positive attention from others, well-dressed men stand out in the office space and entrepreneurship.

Myself and my grooming editor have compiled a list of some top of the line grooming products that I feel will be a great place to start your new grooming regime.

And just wait and see the bevy of benefits that’ll come along with it!

Solve Clinics:

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