Are there side effects to PRP treatment?

PRP is a treatment option for many different types of hair loss. It has been shown to decrease shedding of the hair as well as help each shaft of hair to grow thicker itself. PRP is prepared from a normal blood draw, where the plasma in the blood is separated out with the platelets suspended in the plasma. The platelets are concentrated in the plasma and injected back in the scalp around the follicles of the hairs. 

Many patients are wary of side effects from any possible treatment for their thinning hair. Whether it is prescription medication or all-natural supplements, many treatment options for hair could have some possible side effects, some of them very unpleasant. PRP is an exciting option for this reason as it prepared from your own blood with no additives. It uses the power of the growth factors present in your own blood to help thicken hair. 

Since PRP is prepared from your own blood with no additives, there is virtually no risk for any serious side effects from the procedure. The only possible side effects are generally related to the injections themselves and include things like mild scalp tenderness at the injection site, itching, mild swelling at the injection site. It is also important to monitor for signs of infection, like redness, discharge, swelling and pain, just the same as any other injection.


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