PRP Hair Treatment Side Effects: Should You Worry About Them?

PRP is an increasingly popular treatment option for hair loss. Many people wonder does PRP work for hair loss? It is a series of scalp injections, spread over the top of the head, and acts as a fertilizer for the hair follicles. It is all natural, using just a person’s blood and natural growth factors, to help the hair. PRP hair treatment side effects are almost non existent since it is just a portion of a person’s own blood that is injected back into their own scalp.   

Does PRP for hair have any side effects?

PRP does not have any true big side effects. It is your own blood that is injected back into the scalp, so your body does not have  opportunity to recognize anything foreign in the tissue. Any possible side effects are minor and temporary, like possible infection, minor discomfort, or headaches. 

PRP hair treatment side effects

There are a couple of minor side effects to look for with PRP. They include things like:

  • Infection
  • Minor discomfort
  • Headaches


One possible side effect of PRP hair treatment is infection. Anytime you use needles and are breaking the skin, it is possible to get an infection. However, the scalp is extremely vascular and the injections are done very superficially, so the risk of infection is truly close to zero. 

Minor discomfort

Some people report some minor discomfort for 12-24 hours after treatment. Most common is slight tenderness at the injection sites. Even though the needles for the injections are very small, it is possible to feel discomfort for the first day or so afterwards. 


Headaches are pretty rare, but some people have a pressure sensation afterwards that turns into a headache. It is about 10cc of PRP that gets injected, which is enough to cause the pressure sensation. It is fine to take Tylenol either right before or right after to help with any minor headache.

How to avoid the side effects of PRP treatment for hair

Even though the side effects are rare and minimal, there are some steps that can reduce the incidence of side effects. It is always important to do PRP treatments with an experienced provider. It is also important to follow any post op instructions given by the provider. These instructions are given to increase the efficacy of the treatment while also reducing possible side effects as much as possible.

Work with an experienced practitioner

When planning PRP injections, it is important to select an experienced provider. Both for minimizing side effects and maximizing the potential of the treatment, it is important for the treatment to be done the correct way. Contact us at Solve Clinics today to schedule your PRP hair treatment in Chicago!

Follow post op instructions

It is important after a treatment to follow any post op instructions given by the provider. For PRP injections, the instructions will definitely be minimal, but usually the goal is to reduce the risk of infection and increase the activation of the platelets that were injected in. The goal of any post op instructions is to get the most out of each treatment.

Is anybody in particular likely to suffer from PRP hair loss treatment side effects?

We don’t worry about any specific group of people in terms of being more likely to suffer from side effects after PRP injections. The side effects are so minimal and rare that most people never experience any of them. People who are prone to getting migraines may be more likely to experience a headache after the treatments, but usually not a migraine. 

Key takeaways on PRP treatment for hair side effects

PRP injections for hair loss are a very safe and effective treatment. With any medical treatment, it is important to consider possible side effects. With PRP injections, the risk of side effects is virtually zero, but it is still important to select an experienced provider who has done a lot of injections to keep that risk low. Contact us today at Solve Clinics to schedule your PRP injections


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