Does Hair Color Affect Hair Loss?

There is a lot of discussion over whether the color of a person’s hair is related to hair loss. As far as we know, there is no real link between the color of a person’s hair and hair loss. However, there is a difference in the number of hairs–blonde and light brown haired people have on 30,000 more hairs than a person with black or dark hair. There is a trade off though, darker hair tends to be thicker in quality and in turn, provides better coverage than lighter hair, which is typically very fine.

No matter the color, it is normal to lose a small number of hair each day as each hair is cycling between growth and shedding phases. However, shedding increase may be an early indicator of hair loss. An increase in hair shedding can be a result of many different things, and it’s important to find the source early. 


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