PRP Treatment on the Day of a Hair Transplant

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a relatively new treatment for hair that is used to treat hair with growth factors from the platelets in the patient’s own blood. The plasma is take from a patient’s blood and then injected into the scalp. The platelets release many growth factors around the follicles of the hair and can help the hair to grow thicker, stronger, and faster.

PRP is used as a stand alone treatment, but is also used on the day of a hair transplant. Studies have shown that when PRP is used in combination with a hair transplant procedure, the growth rate of the grafts is higher. The growth factors can cause the grafts to grow in a little faster and a little thicker. Another benefit to using PRP with a procedure is it can accelerate the healing process. Many of the growth factors released by the platelets help your body heal both the area the grafts were inserted into, as well as the donor area the grafts were taken from. There is a lot of benefit to doing PRP with a transplant procedure.


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